Do you still want to give it a try anyway?

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The greatest type of barrier is mental.

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Are you playing both sides?

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It was my frustration that did the job.

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Focus on what feels right in the moment

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A recap of intensely pushing myself for 30 days

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Prepare by searching for and accepting the cold, hard truth, not delusion

Although I was able to fit more tasks into my day, this month still felt exploratory.

Maximize your time and cultivate patience as opposed to simply waiting

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You quickly see who took off running.

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More than half of what I’ve learned couldn’t be directly applied to enhancing my personal development.

After graduating, I had an enormous amount of time to think and even more questions. I found myself constantly reading articles and self-help books. I wanted answers on how to:

  • Achieve happiness
  • Overcome the constant battle with procrastination
  • Manage others
  • Smoothly integrate myself into the workforce
  • Deal with appointed leaders that don’t necessarily know how to lead
  • Deal with high sensitivity and emotions

Do you have fear of commitment or fear of true love?

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Akeena M.

Young woman following her heart, aspiring to remain useful, creating a space for connectivity and true alignment.

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