Do you still want to give it a try anyway?

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I like to think of life as a grand stage, one for the greatest acts, performances, and contenders.

With all great shows, there’s a certain thrill about being in the stands — witnessing greatness.

Is it the same when it’s your life on display, watching as a bystander?

Many people would like to think they control their lives but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of us are advocates of free thought and open expression but still crippled with self-doubt and uncertainty.

How can these obvious opposites coexist in a single being?

They can’t.

If we’re not steadfast…

The greatest type of barrier is mental.

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Life is hard. There’s really no going around it. No amount of self-help books or podcasts will provide a quick fix. Superficial positivity won’t suffice either.

I’m convinced life will always feel like a rollercoaster. There is an equal and opposite reaction to everything in this world. And so, we have anguish to content, affliction to prosperity, and disappointment to satisfaction.

Similar to how the night balances the day, our experiences balance one another. We wouldn’t know joy if not for sadness. …

Are you playing both sides?

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I’ve always been a daydreamer.

I find comfort in allowing my mind to wander and explore the possibilities.

I value introspection because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with and learn more about myself.

It’s through free thinking and mindfulness that I was able to pinpoint my true desires in life, and distinguish between what’s expected of me and what I expect of myself.

Most of the goals we set for ourselves are driven by societal appeasement.

What happens if you’re able to actually find the goal that sets the tone for all your other endeavors? …

It was my frustration that did the job.

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How do you feel about the pace of your life? Could things be happening faster? Slower?

Do you feel you’ve missed out on opportunities or as if your ship has sailed?

As human beings, we tend to have a slight obsession with the concept of time.

I’m a firm believer that it is our greatest gift.

In it, we’ve been given the freedom to choose our path and the ability to recreate ourselves as many times as we please.

A lifelong opportunity to chase our dreams, right our wrongs, seek truth and understanding, connect, experience, create, and change.

The power…

Focus on what feels right in the moment

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For the highly ambitious, the thought of relinquishing our sense of control can be quite daunting. It’s all too easy to get swept up into the depths of our burning passion. It’s what fuels our ambition and motivates us to envision and execute.

This is a superpower when it comes to accomplishing our goals but what happens when a wrench gets thrown into our plans and the unexpected happens? The extent of our control only goes so far because we live in a world that is much greater than ourselves.

This realization can be catastrophic to the person that believes…

Honestly at the end of reading this, I forgot it was even a list of 10 ideas. Your writing flows so naturally, it felt as though I was reading a memoir.

Hard work and consistency has paid off tremendously for you. It is very apparent in both the way you write and your actual insights.

Thank you

A recap of intensely pushing myself for 30 days

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Waking up at 5 a.m. isn’t a matter of how much you can accomplish, but more so being able to see your true capacity. Within this month, yes I was able to get a lot more done but most importantly, I proved to myself that I have the capacity to extend myself and to do so efficiently.

Prepare by searching for and accepting the cold, hard truth, not delusion

Although I was able to fit more tasks into my day, this month still felt exploratory.

The first month is really to explore the possibilities.

Many of us become attached to the plans and outlines we create for our lives and so, a…

Maximize your time and cultivate patience as opposed to simply waiting

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How does one prepare for a dramatic shift in their life? If you’re like me, then your preparation revolves around optimism and sheer excitement for the future.

Whenever I’m faced with a new challenge or endeavor, I’ll typically have a full analysis and prognosis of the road ahead of me. I’m a huge planner. In the months leading up to graduation, that’s exactly what I found myself doing — envisioning and planning.

Though most would support this type of strategy, it’s only effective if you plan for all outcomes. …

You quickly see who took off running.

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Life after college … I quickly found out exactly what life is and the only way I would like to live it.

More than half of what I’ve learned couldn’t be directly applied to enhancing my personal development.

After graduating, I had an enormous amount of time to think and even more questions. I found myself constantly reading articles and self-help books. I wanted answers on how to:

  • Walk the journey of self-improvement and self-awareness
  • Achieve happiness
  • Overcome the constant battle with procrastination
  • Manage others
  • Smoothly integrate myself into the workforce
  • Deal with appointed leaders that don’t necessarily know how to lead
  • Deal with high sensitivity and emotions

Needless to say, my college courses did very…

Do you have fear of commitment or fear of true love?

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Have you ever felt the full magnitude of a healthy relationship?

It is often terrifying.

I hope to bring some normalcy to these feelings — they stem from being accustomed to toxic situations. Our brains become hardwired to expect passive aggression, hidden resentment, unclear communication, and petty jabs.

Finding yourself in these experiences one after the next programs us into believing it’s normal. However, this is very far from the truth.

When we do finally come across a healthy relationship, we have no idea what to do. It feels like uncharted territory and if your fear of the unknown doesn’t…

Akeena M.

Young woman following her heart, aspiring to remain useful, creating a space for connectivity and true alignment.

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